Chair Pandora – Rattan Chair with arms

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Pandora Plastic Rattan Chair With Arms
Elegant and Modern
Outdoor and Indoor Furniture
Dimensions: 55x59x85CM
ADAPTABLE AND STACKABLE: These chairs are built with reinforced legs; they are lightweight and stack easily for convenient storage. They come in various colors that make them great for any occasion or any space.
IDEAL FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: You can use this elegant and modern chair for any occasion indoors or outdoors. These comfortable chairs are made for sitting by the pool, in the garden, or on your patio. They can also easily be moved indoors to add comfortable seating throughout your home.
EASY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: These beautiful chairs are easy to clean. Just wipe away dust or spots with a damp cloth, and they will look like new.
DURABLE AND STRONG: Made out of durable, rust-proof, all-weather resin for exceptional durability and will not fade or go brittle in harsh weather.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The backrest, seat, and armrest are designed to be comfortable for any body type, minimizing back strain.

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