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Gimcat malt tabs 40g
Cats can spend many hours of every day taking care of their fur, which can often result in hairballs forming in the digestive tract. This can frequently result in cat vomiting to free these and get them out of their system. If your cat is regularly plagued with hairballs, these GimCat Malt Tabs are the ideal addition to its diet.
These delicious GimCat Malt Tabs contain natural, aromatic malt and a high level of fibre. This helps to support the natural movement of swallowed hairs and non-digestible components through the system. GimCat Malt Tabs are also enriched with TGOS (TransGalactoOligoSaccharide), a unique fibre that can help with the growth of friendly bacteria and support balance in the digestive flora.

GimCat Malt Tabs at a glance:

Delicious supplementary food for cats
Supports the natural passing of swallowed hairs
With natural, aromatic malt
High fibre content: supports healthy intestinal function
Elm bark: can support the mucous membrane in the gut
With TGOS: can promote the growth of friendly gut bacteria and contribute to balance in the intestinal flora
Free from sugar
In tablet form: delicious and easy to serve
Developed with veterinarians
Milk & dairy products, yeasts, oils & fats, vegetable by-products (dried malt extract 4%, ground elm bark 2%).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D (1147 IU), vitamin E (260mg).

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