Cat Litter Cat Royale Clamping Bentonite Cat Litter 10L Available In 3 Scents

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It keeps liquid from reaching the floor thanks to the granule distributionthat was specifically optimized for Cat Royale
Introducing our premium cat litter, which we provide for classy, prestigious, and elegant cats. Cat Royale, the premium cat litter offered with 5 different options: Lavender, Baby Powder, Marseille Soap, Natural and Activated Carbon, gets it’s strength from the white bentonite that comes from our licensed quarries. With granule sizes ranging from 0.7 to 2.5 mm, it is designed to guarantee the lowest dust, maximum lump quality, and water absorption capacity in the product content.

One of the top priorities of our quality unit is the quality of the essences used in the products and the selection of these essences in line with the standards suitable for the environment, human health, and animal health. One of the product’s most notable advantages is its capacity to capture odors. With the market statistics it has attained both domestically and internationally, Cat Royale, which we provide to the market as a luxury product, continues to demonstrate its success day by day.

Natural cat litter from Cat Royal
Consists of natural bentonite granules
High ability to absorb liquids
Instant, ultra-strong agglomeration
Low-dust formula for clean surfaces and cleaner air
Complete odor control with or without fragrance
Quick and easy cleaning of the litter tray, and it is easy to take out the lumps
Brand: Cat Royal
Dust free (up to 99.5%).
Super absorbent up to 360%.
Neutralizes odors quickly
Do not stick to your pet’s paws.
Economical and high quality.
Natural product.
Made in Turkey

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