Cat Hair Remover Pet Hair Lint Roller For Pet Hair Cat and Dog Hair Remover For Couch, Clothes, Furniture, Carpet, Car Seat, Beds Pet Hair Roller

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5.4 $

EASY TO USE – This Pet Hair Roller is made of soft, non-adhesive material that will not damage your furniture. Simply roll back and forth over the area a couple of times where you want to remove pet hair several times; and it quickly and easily picks up the pet hair.
EFFECTIVE – This Pet Hair Remover is very effective at removing pet hair. It can even remove hair that is stuck to your couch or other furniture. It is more effective than other methods. This Pet Fur and Lint Remover brings hair-less home to yo
SAFE – This Dog and Cat Hair Roller is safe to use on all types of furniture, including leather, suede and fabric. 100% REUSABLE – No sticky tape or adhesives, this pet hair remover tool can be used over and over again to remove the pet hair.