Cat Bed Stand Window Perch Durable Shelf Hammock Steady Seat Adjustable Cat Bed Available In Two Colors

ID: 131715
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20.3 $

Cat hammock can be fixed not only on windowsill, but also on drawers, chairs, beds and other household places. Not only can cats rest indoors, but they can also sunbathe by the window and enjoy the view outside.
Adjustable cat hammock: Cat window perch features adjustable snap in leg for extra support in this cat window hammock. The bayonet is adjustable to accommodate different window sill widths.
Easy to Assemble: The Cat Window Perch is easy to assemble with several parts, you can install or remove the cat window perch in few minutes.
Space Saving: The cat window perch can be fixed in various places without taking up space in the home. The lower bracket is equipped with 2 felt pieces to prevent damage to the wall or furniture.
Easy to disassemble and clean: The cloth is washable, giving your pet a clean resting place.

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