Camry Tempered Glass Deluxe Design Electronic Personal Bathroom Digital Weighing Scale with Max Capacity 150 kg

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Brand : Camry
Max Readable Weight: 150 Kg

ميزان حمام

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This balance features high-precision 4-sensor technology and a large LCD display that allows for easy reading of your weight.
Its tempered glass platform offers a maximum capacity of 150 kg (330
To ensure its accuracy place it on a solid, flat floor and avoid carpet or soft surfaces.

Gently get on the balance, then it will turn on automatically, remain unsholy and wait until its weight is displayed on the screen and you are stable and
When you lower the balance it will automatically turn
off. This function occurs if the display shows the same weight reading for approximately 8 seconds.
The glass platform will be slippery when wet so it should be kept
dry. Use a damp cloth for cleaning and prevent water from entering and not using chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.

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