Box Game Retro Video Game Console 8K HD Android TV Box Game Stick 64G 10000 Games 2.4G Dual Wireless Controller

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game box 8k
X8 Wireless Gamepad Controller Dual System Wireless Retro Game Console HDMI-compatible HD Output Micro USB 5V/1.5A for Android
1. Dual System Video Game Console: Supports Vulkan and OpenGL ES3.2 for higher efficiency and a more perfect experience. Dual systems can be switched at will.
2. 8K HDR: 8K uses four times as many pixels as standard HD, providing you with a clearer picture. High Dynamic Range (HDR) provides brighter, more realistic colors and greater detail.
3. Portable Mini Size: It’s time to start your Gane journey with a slim, compact body that doesn’t take up space and doesn’t affect the beauty of the living room.
4. Plug and Play: Multiple systems are compatible and easy to operate, supporting up to 10 classic emulators, and playing various classic games brings back our childhood fun.
5. Support for HDMI-compatible HD Output: It has a TV box function, allowing you to watch TV and movies, and experience the fun of home.

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