Bison Epoxy Metal Epoxy Adhesive

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تلزيق سريع ايبوكسي معادن

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Epoxy Metal Bonding Adhesive,
Two-Part Adhesive Based On Epoxy Resins. Grey Resin And Beige Hardener.
Bonding, Repairing And Filling Metals,Wood, Stone, Pottery, China, Ceramics, Ivory And Various Plastics, Such As Polyester, Formica And Bakelite,To Themselves And To Each Other.
Specially For Metal Object Which Need Resistance To Extreme Condition Such As Heat, Chemical, Vibrations Or Seawater.
Not Suitable For Plastics Such As Polyethylene,P.T.F.E. And Silicone Rubber.
Super Strong And Waterproof

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