Non-Refundable Bestway Steel Pro Max Swimming Pool

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STEEL PRO MAX: above ground frame pool; the ideal space saving garden pool with rigid shape for durability
EASY SET UP: with no tools required; size 12′ x 39.5″ (3.66m x 1.00m), water capacity 9,150L (2,417 gal)
FLOW CONTROL AND FILTER PUMP SYSTEM: drain valve for easy draining and disassembly and filter to keep water clean
SEAL AND LOCK: distinctive system prevents friction between metal parts and stops rust formation for a secure connection
STRONG AND DURABLE: DuraPlus material with rust resistant anti corrosion metal frame to provide strength and increased rigidity
COMPLETE SET: includes 1 framed pool, 1 filter pump, 1 safety ladder and a repair patch
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