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مكنة لازالة الرؤوس السوداء

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Vacuum Blackhead Pore Oil Acne Removal Skin Care Device
– Gentle cleansing impurities that normal cleansing can not clean.
– Helps to tighten the pores to make it more difficult to get into the skin. Cause acne clogged.
– Helps to smooth skin, stimulate new skin cells to replace. Help make acne shallow clear up.
– Can be used to absorb acne. And dead skin cells. To peel off and stimulate the formation of new skin cells. Make your face look more radiant.
– Should cleanse the face with cleansing. Or clean the face. Hot compress with warm water. To open the pores It helps to get rid of acne easily peel off. Or if you have a hot ozone sprayer. It can also be used as well.
– Portable, easy to use, built-in charging.

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