Balm Natural Paw Balm for Dogs Heal and Repair Damaged Dog Paws, Pet Paw Protection Against Heat, Hot Pavement, Sand, Dirt, Snow for All-Season ELAIMEI Dog Paw Wax (2 Oz)

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Paw balm 60g

5.5 $

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The 100% natural moisturizing formula contains coconut oil, white beeswax, aloe vera and other natural ingredients to protect the paws of dogs (cats) more gently.
MOISTURIZING: Contains a variety of natural moisturizing ingredients to better protect the paws. Our dog paw wax is designed to relieve ed and chapped paw pads and snouts while also protecting from rough surfaces and harsh weather during summer, winter or any other season.
DOG & CAT: The composition of this paw balm is mild, so it can be used on the paws of dogs or cats. This can bring you a certain degree of convenience. If you have dogs and cats at home, this paw wax can help you solve two problems at the same time.
EASY TO USE: Just put the paws of dogs (cats) into this dog paw wax, or apply the balm on the paws, similar to our hand cream. If it is after going out, it is recommended to wipe the paws of the dog (cat) before applying it.
GOOD SMELLS: The ingredient contains coconut oil, which makes this dog paw balm smell very good. A strong coconut flavor, I think this will make your dog like it more

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