Ball Flynova Pro Flying Ball Spinner Toy Hand Controlled

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Well, this is the most interesting toy so far, as everybody can use and enjoy it. This small drone model with a sphere shape will allow you to spend a good time. It floats in the air and, depending on the strength you use with it, you will get different effects. It is one of the most fun toys you will find, it will fly like a boomerang so you can toss it and wait for it to come back to you without any problem. A model that will allow you to perform different tricks such as: make it fly like a boomerang, toss it and make it come back to you; make it float on your hand as if you were a magician that makes things float; share it with your friends and have fun together; toss it upwards so that your friends pick it up several floors above… One of the most spectacular toys you will find.

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