Aroma Diffuser Pleasant Room Fragrance LED Wellness Light in 5 Colors Timer ultrasonic Technology

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مكنة معطر جو تبخير

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FEELING LOASE: an aromatherapy for relaxation including fragrance experience and atmospheric wellness light. Our AD 620 runs almost noise-free and energy-saving, making it ideal for bedrooms or children’s rooms. Thanks to the timeless design, our AD 620 fits in any room.
Wellness light: with the gentle wellness light, the aroma diffuser stimulates the different senses of the human body. Thus, the Aroma Diffuser AD 620 has a wellness light with an integrated colour change of 5 colours.
Ultra compact technology: the diffuser creates a microfine mist with modern ultrasonic technology that distributes the fragrance evenly throughout the room. Due to the micro-fine atomization, the aroma diffuser achieves a particularly high effectiveness.
2 in 1: The fragrance oil diffuser is also a humidifier, thanks to the timeless design it is also ideal for office, spa or yoga rooms. Suitable fragrance oils can also be found in our range.
Timer function: with the help of the timer function, the diffuser time can be adjusted individually. You can choose between 2 or 4 hours operating time. If the 300 ml tank is empty, the device automatically switches off.

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