4-Way Training Set

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model #1: set of  Tummy Trimmer, Twister, Jump Rope & Hand Grips

  • Exercise Workout Tools – 4-Piece Set of Tummy Trimmer – Jump Rope – Hand Grips – Waist Twister Disc
  • Complete set for fitness
  • Strengthen arms and back
  • Strength training
  • Cushioned Grips
  • Comfortable foot pads
  • Perfect for your gym at home
  • Each tool will make your daily workout routine complete
  • Portable, lightweight alternative to free weights and machines
  • Long lasting
  • Ideal sports tool for tennis, bowling, golf and all your daily strength needs, helps to condition and strengthen your hands, wrist and forearm muscles.
  • You can enjoy many exercises and repeat the exercise at home or gym, so easy

model #2: set of  Chest Expander, Jumping Rope, Hand Grips & Power Twister (20kg)

  • Chest Expander
    • Strengthen upper body
    • Open chest and shoulders
    • Handheld for a wide range of motion
    • Portable, lightweight alternative to free weights and machines
    • Maintain resistance throughout entire rep
  • Hand Grips
    • Hand grip strength is important for any sport in which the hands are used for catching, throwing, or lifting
    • Use for strength training and rehab
    • Stronger grip gives you better endurance while lifting
  • Power Twister (20kg)
    • Perfect for building upper body strength
    • Great For Building Your Hand, Wrist, Forearm, Bicep, Tricep, and Back Muscles.
    • Ideal for Core Training.
  • Jumping Rope
    • This  jump rope will increase fitness and stamina, keep you trim and improve energy levels.
    • Cross training for fitness with this simple workout tool is essential to help support higher activity level and avoid injury in other sports.
    • Jumping rope burns up to 400 calories per 30 minutes so you can look good, feel good, increase stamina and get more out of every day.
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