Sauna Massage 2 In 1 Fitness Belt

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حزام سونا مع ريموت وادبتر

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Sauna Massage 2 in 1 Fitness Belt Men Women Men Slimming Bandage Heat Vibrator Belt Sport Gym Slim Patch Weight Loss Muscle Exercise

Beneficial to protect health / micro electromagnetic massage / relieve and relax fatigue after work / for home and office, safe and reliable / rated DC voltage of 12V

Using microcomputer control system, is a set of intelligent control, vibration massage, magnetic therapy in a high-tech products. It can be around the waist, the cervical spine, the thigh and arm, the use of a number of powerful vibration massage ball vibration, beat massage, can accelerate the body’s blood circulation, clear the body meridians, eliminate fatigue.

The sauna belt can be focused to you the most problematic body parts, through sauna to eliminate waste toxins, dissolving the fat

Supply: AC 220V/50-60Hz

Miniature electromagnetic massage, relieve fatigue after work

Size : 76 * 19cm

Color : Blue

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