Margherita Pizza Box

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Children can come up with the idea of running a pizza shop as it comes with a compact pizza maker and oven. Parents take turns coming in like customers and taking orders. Little (Chef/Cashier) picking out toppings and putting the pizza in the oven, serving the pizza to customers who pay with the coins.
To make it more lively, Kids love pizza slices with lots of toppings, top bright pizza sets have 16 pieces of toppings in various shapes and they will enjoy the process of making the pizzas and serving them up. This pizza set toy is perfect for preschoolers. Slice the pizza with the rolling cutter, learning about the fractions as divided the pizza in half or quarters.
 8 Pizza Slices
 1 Pizza paddle
 16 Toppings
 1 Rolling Cutter
 1 Spatula
 8 Coins



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