Treats GimCat Fish Nutri Pockets 60g Tuna

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Gimcat nutri pockets fish 60g
Give your kitty great gustatory pleasure. GimCat’s Nutri Pockets Treats are crispy on the outside with a decadently delicious creamy filling on the inside. They provide various vitamins and nutrients that are vital for your cat’s well-being as well.
This flavour, GimCat Nutri Pockets Fish with Tuna, is suitable for meat-protein sensitive cats because it contains no meat. It is a wonderful safe alternative for kitties who are allergic to meat (e.g. beef, chicken).
No sugar added, No preservatives, No colourants & No artificial flavour enhancers
Gluten-free: so, it is easier to digest, resulting in a lower chance of recurrent stomach upset
Tuna is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.
Naturally contains a high amount of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which support the development and function of the central nervous system (including the brain) & benefit hair coat health.
The addition of vitamins A, D3, E and Taurine enhances your kitty’s wellbeing.
Product Composition:
Cereals, fish and fish by-products (4% tuna), oils and fats, yeasts, minerals.
Analytical constituents:
Protein (30%), fat content (14%), crude fibre (1.5%), crude ash (9%), omega 3 (1%), omega 6 (3%)

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