French Fries Holder With Metal Rack

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ستاند بطاطا بورسلان ملون+ 3كاسات

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French fries holder with 3 dip sauce bowls held in a metal rack.
Cone shaped server sits in sturdy frame and is great for individual serving sizes or as a shared appetizer.
The 3 removable sauce cups are great for ketchup, mayo and cheese or curry dips.
The wonderful cone shaped snack stand is a fun and convenient way to display delicious finger foods.
Serve up those fish and chips or chicken fingers and fries in style with this unique cone shaped server.
Made of high quality steel insure durable use for everyday use.
Dimensions Holder: 22 X 10cm (Height x Width) 3 Dip: 3 X 6.5cm (Height x Width) Stand: 16.5 X 11cm (Height x Width) 3 Dip Stand: 8 X 7cm (Height x Width)

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