Fountain with illumination Multi-Color LED Pool Sprayer Intex 28089

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The fountain for the pool with multi-color LED illumination “Intex Multi-Color LED Pool Sprayer 28089” will create a real light show. The sprayed water is illuminated by changing colored lights: white, red, blue, green. Electricity for lighting is generated by a hydrogenerator under the movement of water from a pump (a filter pump with a capacity of 3785 to 12112 l / h is required). No batteries required, no power connection required. Can be installed on all round or rectangular frame pools (for installation on inflatable pools, a rack must be installed by the pool).


For pools Intex, etc.
Works with the filtering pump with a productivity: from 3785 to 12112 l/h
Connecting hoses 38 mm with couplings
Includes adapter A for connecting 32 mm hoses with clamp connection
Weight: 2.07 kg

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